Is it Time to Drive a New Car

Adults 65 and older that currently Drive a New Car ten years or older may gain many safety benefits from investing in a new automobile with enhanced safety features. Safety features vary for each model new features are available so we encourage enhance safety for drivers, passengers, and others traveling on the roads. 

Drive A New Car

Benefit When you Drive a New Car

Drivers 65 and older take longer to recover from injuries than others and for that reason alone if you are able to invest in a new car we believe you are worth that investment

For instance, the amount of money you may save each month when you stop paying auto insurance and other costs may be helpful for your budget. 

If you do not believe trading in your old car for a new one is in your budget then add this to the list of reasons why it may be time to stop driving. 

Is it your job to help Drivers 65 and older transition from driving to utilizing local public or private transit options?
Do you want to help to create and execute Community Outreach Plans for your organization, email us at:

Calculate your saving or cost of a new vehicle using our Transit Savings Calculator.

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