Plan Your Next Drive with our Easy Transit Savings Calculator 

Save money, reduce stress and enjoy the ride! This Transit Savings Calculator reveals how sharing the wheel, because using ride sharing apps or opting for public transit can slash your travel costs and add a carefree spark to your next trip.

Seniors using a Transit Savings Calculator

Estimate the cost of your next adventure or road trip cost & see just how much money you spend per month on your daily driving.

  1. Determine the number of trips taken monthly.
  2. Estimate miles traveled each month and multiple it x .67 which is the IRS Approved 2024 mileage rate. The formula can be used to estimate the monthly cost of driving your car and calculate the cost of using  private transit providers such as Uber, Lyft or a Taxi for instance.  
  3. Get the Actual Cost of your car to compare to the cost of public transit add the cost of the Car Payments, Annual Auto Maintenance, Insurance, Annual Licensing fees, Tolls, Parking, and Fuel.

Transit Savings Calculator

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