Colorado Transit Partners

We have several Colorado transit partners that can help you get around in Colorado without a car. Our partners also offer discounts for drivers over 65.

To confirm that public transportation is a viable choice for your house hold, consult the transit agency in your community listed in the Colorado Transit Directory.

Here is a list of Regional Transit Providers from

our Colorado Transportation Partners  

The Older and Wiser Project is a Public Safety Campaign with the Mission to increase the use of Public and Non-Profit Transit Services in Colorado for Drivers over 65.

When you choose to stop driving and utilize public or non-profit transit services, it is a small thing that makes a big difference to your community. View our transit training guides, and resources for Transit in Colorado for Drivers 65 and Older.

This website is an educational and informational website owned and managed by Native American Broadcasting Company. This E/I website is part of an Educational and Informational Public Service Campaign with the mission to reduce the number of vehicle crashes and traffic fatalities caused by Drivers over 65 years of age.

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