March 20

ADHD and Driving 


ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is one of the most common conditions diagnosed in childhood. For many people, its effects are lifelong. Those with ADHD experience the world differently—they tend to be more easily distracted and impulsive than their peers. These symptoms pose a significant challenge with ADHD and Driving, and the teens and adults who get behind the wheel.

Those with this condition are more likely to drive recklessly, receive traffic tickets for moving violations, and get into car accidents. To avoid citations, injuries, or fatal crashes, ADHD teens and adults must understand and address the risks of driving with this condition. They should also adopt new habits to promote road safety. 

Read the full guide on ADHD and DRIVING

The team at Shamieh Law invites you to review the Guide to ADHD and Driving to learn more. 


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