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Bustang Outrider provides a crucial service for both residents and visitors in Colorado by offering reliable statewide transportation links between rural and urban areas. Traveling on these routes is easily accessible for seniors aged 65 and older with senior discounts on fares. This bus service ensures that travel remains affordable and convenient for older adults, helping them stay connected and mobile.  

Connecting Rural Colorado to Urban Centers

Bustang Outrider's bus routes are designed to connect remote areas with larger cities across Colorado. These connections make it easier for passengers to travel across the state for essential and recreational travel, like medical appointments, shopping and visiting loved ones.

Bustang Outrider ensures smooth connections with Denver's main transit centers for travel from rural areas to Denver when transferring to Bustang. The Bustang West Line connects places like Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, and Vail directly with Denver Union Station. Once there, passengers can easily switch to other local transport services, including the RTD A Line, which goes to Denver International Airport, ensuring a seamless continuation of their travel plans.

Bustang Outrider Stops and Services

Key stops along the routes include:

  • Grand Junction (Airport and Downtown)
  • Crested Butte
  • Glenwood Springs (West Glenwood Park-n-Ride)
  • Denver (Union Station and Denver Federal Center in Golden)

Each location is chosen for its accessibility and convenience, ensuring smooth transfers between different modes of transport.

Bustang Outrider Colorado - Transit Map

Easy-to-Use Mobile Options

Bustang Outrider makes it simple for travelers to plan trips and buy tickets using an app available on both the App Store and Google Play. This is especially handy for seniors and their families, allowing them to purchase tickets, view schedules, and manage trips easily from their smartphones.

For seniors and their families looking to explore Colorado or travel between cities efficiently, Bustang Outrider is an excellent choice. It offers convenience, affordability, and extensive route coverage. Whether enjoying a scenic journey through the Rockies or a necessary trip to a medical appointment, Bustang Outrider helps make rural and urban Colorado more accessible and connected.

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