Transit Training Videos & How to Ride

Transit Training Videos & How To Ride information is designed to help you learn how to use Public Transit to travel locally or regionally in Western Colorado without a car.

Adults 65 and Older or Disables Riders receive discounted fares. Older drivers and disabled riders are allowed to travel with a caretaker at no additional fee. 

After watching the videos, if more help is needed, please call your local public transit office and ask them to assist you in planning your trip.

Transit Training Videos | How much can you save by traveling Western Colorado on a bus?

Western Colorado Transit Training Videos

Our How To Ride: Series Introduction

How To Ride: All Points Transit

30 sec How To Ride: Bustang Outrider

1.5 min How To Ride: Bustang Outrider

Learn How To Ride: Road Runner Transit

Ridgeway Day Trip for Bustang
+ New Bustang Stop

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