April 30

Denver’s Transit Secrets with DRMAC: Your Easy Travel Guide

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The excitement and lively environment of Denver make it a host of plenty of facilities and enjoyment. Traveling through the transit system to access all of these sometimes proves a bit hard, mostly when one is new around the place or when one has issues concerning mobility. With an understanding of these realizations, the Denver Regional Mobility Access Council (DRMAC) has turned out to be quite a beacon for anyone looking for a complete, user-friendly answer to their transportation needs.

DRMAC’s Information and Assistance Center

The Information and Assistance Center is at the heart of DRMAC’s mission, a key service to make Denver’s transportation system easier for everyone to understand. Whether you need to set up a doctor’s visit, go shopping, or stroll to explore the area, the center offers detailed and personalized help and support. It’s open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, showing DRMAC’s dedication to helping the community. 

This place shows they have an answer to every question, always finding the best solution for each person. By calling 303-243-3113, people in Denver and visitors can get a lot of information and help without paying anything.

Getting There Travel Training Program

At the Getting There Travel Training Program, participants go in-depth about what the call-in service of DRMAC offers. This innovative initiative aims to let the participants know the transit options available in the Denver Metro area while fostering independence and building confidence in riding those options. Whether in a classroom or on the street, a series of classes teaches via virtual and physical field trips—from planning and reading a map to learning how to find and board the right bus or train. 

The same program has procedures explaining how to get discounts, acquire tickets, and use the mobile ticketing application, hence arming an individual with all necessary for successful, hassle-free travel.

Older People using the DRMAC App

The Getting There Guide and App

The Getting There Guide is a very good and useful guide to traveling around the Denver Metro area. It can be downloaded at www.drmac-co.org  and includes detailed information on paratransit, public/private, rideshare, and volunteer programs. 

The purpose of this guide, the Getting There App, and the web tool is to assist the user in finding a location-based solution that corresponds to their starting point, the finishing point, a place to stay, preferences, and all things that contribute to a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Community Outreach and Education

DRMAC’s dedication to mobility access continues beyond direct services. The council actively engages in community outreach, participating in workgroups, task forces, and committees focused on human services and transportation futures. Through these efforts, DRMAC advocates for improved transportation options and ensures that the community’s voice is heard in discussions that shape regional mobility strategies.

DRMAC Community Outreach


In a city as vibrant and varied as Denver, the worth of open and reliable transportation can never be overestimated. The multiple programs and resources that the Denver Regional Mobility Access Council offers are a lifeline for many, keeping them active in the city’s transit system. DRMAC supports independent mobility by enabling the help of people of all ages, ability levels, and walks of life through customized assistance, education, and tools so that everybody can travel on their own.

For more information on what kind of assistance DRMAC can provide or on their programs, please visit www.drmac-co.org or contact them at 303-243-3113. With assistance from DRMAC, you can get freedom of movement in Denver.


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